Luna PAC

Who we are


Luna Perfumes & Cosmetics Industry

Luna company for perfumes and cosmetics (Luna PAC) is one of the members of Luna Group which has been founded in 1966, and have acquired expertise in development and manufacturing of Personal care , Decorative cosmetics, Disinfectants , Sanitizers, Hotel amenities & Co-manufacturing .


LUNA PAC produces a wide variety of products according to international standards and regulation (FDA Standards / GMP regulations).
Our factory is based in 6th of October city and is considered one of the biggest cosmetics factories in the region covering wide range of products .

Luna PAC

Who we are


Our Vision

LUNA aims to become one of the Top Mind Brands in the local market by offering a wide range of ASPIRING Brands, by delivering a HIGH QUALITY and AFFORDABLE beauty solutions and being AVAILABLE.
EGYPT being the earliest civilizations on the earth to innovate Beauty products.

Our mission

In LUNA, we believe that we have a mission to be the ambassador of Egyptian Beauty Products being its heritage to the world.

Our Values


Our team is collaborating with the best Dermatology Clinics to assure the quality of our products .


Focusing on the international markets, we aim to provide updated innovations to continuously monitor and satisfy our customers need.


Working based on the Cosmetics GMP Standards while selecting the best quality of raw materials to provide the highest quality of Formulation .