Company Main Factory & Head Offices:

The factory established in Egypt – Giza (6th of October city, fourth industrial zone, Part No. 76).

Tel. : + 202 38334800

Fax : + 202 38334448


THE 5 MAIN VALUES (Core Concepts):

With an international staff of experts, as well as consulting from outside sources, the LUNA PAC is capable of understanding and anticipating future trends and tendencies and then acting quickly to satisfy market needs globally.
: the group applies rigorous internal protocols that assure quality and stability in each phase of production (from the selection of raw materials to formulas and textures) and in every phase of the commercial logistics from client service, to order processing and transport.
the LUNA PAC clientele enjoys a comprehensive 360° service package that covers virtually all aspects of trading and even personal use, a qualified staff of consultants, innovators, art designers, office workers and professional trainers assures comprehensive service as well as diversification.
The research and development department collaborates with various scientific research centers, including the dermatological clinics to assure the production of innovative and up to date products and methodologies.
Training and continuing education is offered at three different structures dedicated to the various networks, decorative cosmetics, Para-medical and personal care. Experts at these “Training Centers & Scientific office” are constantly training and educating clients in the use of the products, methods of launching and promoting. These centers also act as a sure point of reference for clients seeking to resolve questions.


Manufacturing, distributing and exporting the following (Either under our trade marks or private labels

Color Cosmetics
Foundations, face powders, blushers, concealers, eye liners, eye shadows, mascaras, lip liners, lip sticks, lip glosses, nail colors. Etc
Personal Care
Creams, lotions, shampoos, baby powders, soaps, ,sun screens, lip moisturizer, Etc
Para Pharmaceuticals
Anti Acne products, Anti Dandruff Products, Medicated Soaps, Inhalers, Lozenges / Mentholated throat drops, Hair lotions, Face & body creams, Lip Moisturizers, mouth wash. Etc


The new modern, advanced and high capacity GMP factory, superior know-how, and advanced research led to the company’s reputation as a most reliable and trustworthy contract manufacturer.

The new factory that considerd as one of the most advanced GMP factories in the Middle East, built on an area of 12000 square meters with 4 levels, the site was designed by “Shepherd Process” UK, its production lines and machines were installed under technical supervision of “Triple Line Consultants” UK




  • The Total Land area is 12000 m2(6000 m2 the factory -6000 m2 warehouse) Constructed area is 60% from the total land.
  • The factory constructed and designed under the GMP rules and regulation , Through high levels of Hygiene and cleanliness,
  • The factory is obtaining the Health and Safety Management System OHSAS (ISO 18001:2007) , Quality management system (ISO 9001/2000) and the general requirement for competences of testing & calibration laboratories (17025/2005)
  • All standards are intended to serve manufacture as a basis for elaboration of specific rules.
  • The factory consists of 4 floors including (manufacture – filling – packaging – QC) departments.
  • The warehouse is 12 m height equipped with racking & computerized system with capacity ( 6500 pallets )
  • The R&D department includes 5 specific laboratories – this in addition to Q C laboratory having the most update instruments for chemicals analysis- microbiology -packing inspection
  • The factory was providing a Water station with capacity 4m3/hr pyrogen free water
  • All tanks are cleaned through a closed system using S.S. sprinkle balls with DIM water
Capacity Shift & Specification
Out PutNo. Filling MachinesVolumeSpecificationNo. of tanksItem
200,0008 for bottles-2 tubes – 3 sachet's Automatic Machines60 TonsS.S. -Homogenizer – Double Jacket – Vaccum13Liquids, Different Viscosity
80.0006 Automatic Machines10 TonsS.S. -Homogenizer – Double Jacket – Vaccum3Creams
30.0002 AutomaticLip moisturizer
1 Tons1 Automatic1 TonsAutomatic lineHard Candy
100.0003 Filling Lines2 TonsS.S Mixer TanksLoss/Compact Powders