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Description of Luna PAC Factory
  • The Total Land area is 12000 m2 (6000 m2 the factory -6000 m2 warehouse) Constructed area is 60% from the total land.
  • The factory constructed and designed under the GMP rules and regulation , Through high levels of Hygiene and cleanliness,
  • The factory is obtaining the Health and Safety Management System OHSAS (ISO 18001:2007) , Quality management system (ISO 9001/2000) and the general requirement for competences of testing & calibration laboratories (17025/2005)
  • All standards are intended to serve manufacture as a basis for elaboration of specific rules.
  • The factory consists of 4 floors including (manufacture - filling - packaging - QC) departments.
  • The warehouse is 12 m height equipped with racking & computerized system with capacity ( 6500 pallets )
  • The R&D department includes 5 specific laboratories - this in addition to Q C laboratory having the most update instruments for chemicals analysis- microbiology -packing inspection
  • The factory was providing a Water station with capacity 4m3/hr pyrogen free water
  • All tanks are cleaned through a closed system using S.S. sprinkle balls with DIM water
Capacity / Shift & Specification
Out Put No. Filling Machines Volume Specification No. of tanks Item
200,000 8 for bottles-2 tubes 3 sachet's Automatic Machines 60 Tons S.S. -Homogenizer Double Jacket Vaccum 13 Liquids, Different Viscosity
80.000 6 Automatic Machines 10 Tons S.S. -Homogenizer Double Jacket Vaccum 3 Creams
30.000 2 Automatic       Lip moisturizer
1 Tons 1 Automatic 1 Tons Automatic line   Hard Candy
100.000 3 Filling Lines 2 Tons S.S Mixer Tanks   Loss/Compact Powders
All packaging lines provided with 3 inkjet machines for printing and 6 shrink pack machines
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